Yano Food
Yano Food Kft was founded in 2010 as a ’one-person company’ wich is occupied with trade of main food, especially the rice. With perseverance and mindful work we reached that we supply the 50-70% of the market now. Our past is not too exciting, but our future can be. At first I made my own premium trademark Yano which contained 12 types of rice made in Italy. With it I created our company’s corporate identity and I put the foundation of our reputation. Then I put low category and middle category rice made in Hungary on the market. Due to this we were expanding continuously and after that we won the production of trademark products of multinational companies. We started to make our own wrapping. We started to import from Asia and South America instead of Europa. We pack 1-1,5million kg of rice on 2,5 ha of field, in two factories, in a hall of 3500 m2 in almost 100 types of wrapping . With the diversification of our products and with expansion on international market we have enormous possibilities in front of us. I own the perseverance and diligence for reaching this goal.

Email: yano.food@yano.hu
Website: http://www.yano.hu/

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